Reel Rock 8 Movie Review

Reel Rock 8 Movie Review

Was blown away by Reel Rock at the Gear Co-Op over the weekend. The Stonemaster’s were really funny and my dad said mildly inappropriate 😉 Hazel Findlay “Spice Girl” sent the hardest E9 trad climb by any girl. She really inspired me to not be afraid to push myself to the limits and do something risky, yet safe, kinda. When Ueli Steck and Simone Moro were trying to climb a new route on Mount Everest without oxygen masks they had a slight Sherpa problem and were attacked by 100 of them, it was crazy and Ueli was sent off the mountain. Mount Kinabalu, on the island of Borneo, was one of the most incredible climbing experiences for Daniel Woods and Yuji Hirayama. They sent a 5.14d and 5.15a on this weird, cool featured rock that I would definitely love to climb one day.

I really enjoyed the movie and felt it was as good as Reel Rock 7.

I give it the KNS thumbs up!


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